Virginia bluebells

Where Flowers Never Fade


And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of
the field, how they grow; they toil not neither do they spin;
And yet I say unto you. That even Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these.
Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which
today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall He not
much more clothe you, o ye of little faith?
Matthew 6:28-30

And the chapiters that were upon the top of the
pillars were of lily work in the porch four cubits.
And the chapiters upon the two pillars had
pomegranates also above, over against the belly
which was by the network; and the
were two hundred in rows round about upon
the other chapiter.
1 Kings 7:19,20.

And the Candlesticks of pure gold, five on the
right side,and five on the left, before the
oracle, with the flowers,
and the lamps, and the tongs of gold.
1 Kings 7:49.

Let us get up early to the vineyards let us see
if the vine flourish, whether the tender grapes
appear, and the pomegranates bud forth; there
will I give thee my loves.
Song of Solomon 7:12.

I am the Rose of Sharon, and the Lily of the Valleys
As the lily among thorns so is my love among the
Song of Solomon 2:1,2.
I will be as the dew unto Israel; he shall grow as
the lily and cast forth his roots as Lebanon.
Hosea 14:5.

My beloved is gone down into his garden, to the
beds of spices, to feed in the gardens, and to
gather lilies. I am my beloveds, and my
beloved is mine; he feedeth among the lilies.
Son of Solomon 6:2,3.

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the
of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is
heard in our land the fig tree putteth forth, and
the vine with the tender grape, give a good smell.
Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.
Song of Solomon 2:12,13.

His cheeks are as a bed of sweet spices, as
sweet flowers; his lips like lilies, dropping
sweet smelling myrrh.
Son of Solomon 5:13.

He shall shake off his unripe grape as the vine,
and shall cast off his flower as the olive.
Job 15:33.

For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect,
and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he
shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks,
and take away and cut down the branches.
Isaiah 18:5.

And he made a molten sea...
And it was an hand breadth thick, and the brim
thereof was wrought like the brim of a cup, with
flowers of lilies; it contained two thousand baths.
1 Kings 7:26.

And this work of the candlestick was of beaten
gold , unto the shaft thereof, unto the flowers thereof,
was beated work; according unto the pattern which the
Lord had showed Moses, so he made the candlestick.
Numbers 8:4.

He rebuketh the sea and maketh it dry, and drieth up
all the rivers; Bashan languisheth, and Carmel, and
the flower of Lebanon languisheth. Nahum 1:4.

Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of
trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down;
he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.
Job 14:1,2.

As for man, his days are as grass; as a flower of the field,
so he flourisheth. Psalm 103:15.

The Upward Look
Nature is Our Lesson Book
PG 118

Some years ago, while rowing on Lake Goguac
in Michigan with my husband, we saw a beautiful
lily, I asked my husband to get it for me, and to
pluck it with as long a stem as he could. He did
so, and I examined it. In the stem was a channel
through which flowed the nourishment best suited
to the development of the lily. This nourishment it
took, refusing the vileness with which it was
surrounded. It had a connection with the sand far
below the surface, and from there drew the
sustenance which caused it to develop
. . . its loveliness.

Bible Echo and Signs of the Times
DT 04-01-89
Praise the Lord
PR 07

In the promises, God withdraws the veil from
heaven, and bids us look into the glory prepared
for those who love him. Why do we so constantly
take our gaze away from these things of
unsurpassed loveliness in the inheritance
of the saints in light, and fix our eyes upon
the things that are dark and forbidding? Why
do we gather the clouds of unbelief about our
souls, and enshroud ourselves in an atmosphere
that is only discouraging, and will be death to our
spirituality? God would have us learn lessons
from the water-lily that opens its pure white
blossoms upon the bosom of the lake. The flower
reposes in spotless loveliness while all around it,
in the water, may be unseemly and obnoxious
things. The lily strikes its roots deeper and still
deeper into the rich soil far beneath the surface of the lake,

and, refusing everything that would taint and pollute its
purity, draws to itself only those properties that will aid
its development into a spotless and beautiful flower.

The Signs of the Times
DT 02-07-78
Battle Creek College
PR 07

As Christ offered his prayer to his Father he uttered these words.
"I pray not that thou shouldst take them out of the world but keep
them from the evil." The world is a land of emptiness: It is a world
good and beautiful of itself but man has become so sensual and
depraved so embittered against God that the earth itself groans
under the weight of accumulated guilt, you must cultivate firm
principle in the midst of surrounding infidelity, hypocrisy, pride, and
profligacy. You must be Bible students and carry Bible rules into
your every day life. In no case allow knavery
deception and dishonesty to beguile you from
your simplicity. Be it your constant study
how you will best attain and cherish that
which God values, the ornament of purity
and meekness, that the world will be better
for your having lived in it. Like the pure lily
you need faith's penetrating root descending
beneath the outward things which do appear
to gather spiritual strength to invigorate and
give purity and goodness to the life. The
study of the Bible, the hours of secret
communion with God, meditation upon
heavenly themes will develop into purity
of character resembling the spotless lily.
The life of God in the soul is Christ in you a
well of water springing up into everlasting
life. This springing up into life will refresh
all who connect with you. If your character
is such that God can approve, it will be a
complete Christian character filled with
grace that is not assumed, but that has a
natural growth. If your affections are
obedient unto Christ your motives pure,
there will be in your life, in your every day deportment,
lessons of instruction to all around you. You will be
living epistles known and read of all men. Your
connection with God will lift you above every thing
that has a debasing tendency, your pure and
uncorrupted life will be ever pointing your
school-mates and old associates upward to God and
heaven saying to them you must seek peace and
purity and happiness from above. Jesus is the source
of your comfort strength and fortitude, amid vexation,
trials and grievous temptations. The leaves of some
trees and flowers seem naturally to gather
dust which adheres to them, and mars their color
and beauty. This is the case with many youths they
do not see the necessity of vigilant watchfulness and
earnest prayer to keep themselves pure, and their
Christian character is always dingy. They need to wash
their robes of character and make them white in the
blood of the Lamb.

Manuscript Releases Volume Three
Ellen G. White Visit to Nimes, France, Oct. 16-31, 1886
PG 85

We should give our best affection to our
heavenly Father. How my heart has been grieved
as I have seen, in galleries of art, pictures
representing Christ. The executors have
shown their true understanding of the mission

of Christ and His character. They have not even
approached the reality, and we had better
spend our time in contemplating the true
Artist of nature. See the flowers, how beautiful
nature has painted the various colors! Christ
has spoken of the lily of the lake, and He said
that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed
like one of these. If we want to instruct our
children, let us take them to the lake and show
them the handiwork of God, explaining to
them the pureness of the lily, that gathers up
the properties that are essential to build up
itself to its height of purity. From it they may
learn the lesson not to be contaminated with
impurity. Teach them the lessons that Daniel
learned. He refused that which would not
assist him in building true character, and
although surrounded as he was by evil
influences he stood firm upon principle,
refusing to partake of those things that
would have retarded his progress
in divine life, and for his integrity God gave
him wisdom and influence. If these lessons
are learned by us then we shall have made a
good record and shall not be afraid to stand
when the Son of man comes. We must not be
swayed by every temptation but must
constantly grow in grace.

Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
DT 01-18-81
PR 15

Thus it is with the truly righteous man. He is unconscious
of his goodness and piety. Religious principle has become
the spring of his life
and conduct, and it is just as natural for him to bear the
of the
Spirit as for the fig-tree to bear figs, or for the rose-bush
to yield rose.
His nature is so thoroughly imbued with love for God
and his fellow-men that he works the works of Christ
with a willing heart.

Child Guidance
PG 36

Fashion Character by Little Attentions, Often
Repeated. Parents, in the training of your children, study
the lessons that God has given in nature. If you would
train a pink, or rose, or lily, how would you do it? Ask
the gardener by what process he makes every branch
and leaf to flourish so beautifully, and to develop in
symmetry and loveliness. He will tell you that it was by
no rude touch, no violent effort; for this would only
break the delicate stems. It was by little attentions, often
repeated. He moistened the soil and protected the growing
plants from the fierce blasts and from the scorching
sun, and God caused them to flourish and to blossom
into loveliness. In dealing with your children, follow the
method of the gardener. By gentle touches, by loving
ministrations, seek to fashion their characters after the
pattern of the character of Christ.

Child Guidance
PG 46

Children should be encouraged to search out in nature
the objects that illustrate Bible teachings, and to trace in
the Bible the similitudes drawn from nature. They should
search out, both in nature and in Holy Writ, every object
representing Christ, and those also that He employed in
illustrating truth. Thus may they learn to see
Him in tree
and vine, in lily and rose, in sun and star. They
may learn
to hear His voice in the song of birds, in the
sighing of the
trees, in the rolling thunder, and in the music
of the sea.
And every object in nature will repeat to them
His precious lessons.

PG 120

Children should be encouraged to search
out in nature
the objects that illustrate Bible teachings,
and to trace in
the Bible the similitudes drawn from nature. They
should search out, both in nature and in Holy Writ, every
object representing Christ, and those also that He
employed in illustrating truth. Thus may they learn to
see Him in tree and vine, in lily and rose, in sun and star.
They may learn to hear His voice in the song of birds, in
the sighing of the trees, in the rolling thunder, and in the
music of the sea. And every object in nature will repeat
to them His precious lessons.

The Faith I Live By
PG 368

There, "the wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for
them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose." Isa. 35:1.
"Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the
brier shall come up the myrtle tree." Isa. 55:13. "The wolf also shall
dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
. . . and a little child shall lead them." Isa. 11:6.

Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 2
PG 426

God Gives to Each an Individual Work. Things in
the natural world are to be considered and their lesson
applied to the spiritual life, the spiritual growth. To
every man God--not man--has given his work. This is
an individual work--the formation of a character after
the divine similitude. The lily is not to strive to be like the
rose. There are distinctions in the formation of the
flowers and in the fruits, but all derive their peculiar
variance from God. All are the Lord's. So it is God's
design that even the best of men shall not all be of the
same character.--MS 116, 1898.

Our High Calling
P 254

The Lord our Creator expends as much care, wisdom, and time upon
the tiny flower as upon the great things He creates. In the tiniest flowers
are seen a beauty and perfection that no human art can copy. The delicate
tracery of the tinted rose, as well as the stars in the heavens, shows
the penciling of the great Master Artist.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Six
PG 24

The vineyard includes the whole world, and every part
of it is to be worked. There are places which are now a
moral wilderness, and these are to become as the garden
of the Lord. The waste places of the earth are to be
cultivated, that they may bud and blossom as the rose. New
territories are to be worked by men inspired by the Holy
Spirit. New churches must be established, new congregations
organized. At this time there should be representatives
of present truth in every city and in the remote parts
of the earth. The whole earth is to be illuminated with
the glory of God's truth. The light is to shine to all lands
and all peoples. And it is from those who have received
the light that it is to shine forth. The daystar has risen
upon us, and we are to flash its light upon the pathway
of those in darkness

Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White (1880 edition)
PG 144

"There was a beautiful pink flower in the garden
called the rose of Sharon. I remember approaching
it and touching the delicate petals reverently;
they seemed to possess a sacredness in my eyes.
My heart overflowed with tenderness and love for
these beautiful creations of God. I could see divine
perfection in the flowers that adorned the earth.
God tended them, and his all-seeing eye was upon
them. He had made them and called them good.
'Ah,' thought I, 'If he so loves and cares for the
flowers that he has decked with beauty, how much
more tenderly will he guard the children who are
formed in his image.' I repeated softly to myself,
'I am a child of God, his loving care is around me,
I will be obedient and in no way displease him, but
will praise his dear name and love him always.


Bible Echo and Signs of the Times
DT 07-02-00
Daniel a Statesman in Babylon

The Lord our Creator expends as much care, wisdom, and time upon the
tiny flower as upon the great things He created. In the tiniest flower is
seen a beauty and perfection that no human art can copy. The delicate tracery
of the tinted rose, as well as the stars in the heavens, show the pencilling
of the great Master-artist. The Lord would have us cultivate a love for the
beautiful in nature. He who created everything that is lovely in our world
would have us appreciate His work. Mrs. E. G. White

PG 290

The tone of voice that you use is a means of educating
your children. No one ever knows all the troubles that the
little hands give. Mothers, there is One who knows all--that
is, the God of heaven. Every day that you fulfill your duties,
mothers, the words "Conqueror through Christ Jesus" are
written opposite your names. What barriers are you going
to build up against their souls? Do not threaten them with
the wrath of God if they do wrong, but bring them in your
prayers to Christ. Have your home as attractive as you can
have it. Put back the drapery and let heaven's doctor in,
which is sunlight. You want peace and quiet in your homes.
You want your children to have beautiful characters. Make
home so attractive that they will not want to go to the saloon.
Show them the flowers and leaves of the tree. Tell them that
God made every spire of grass, and gave the beautiful tints to
every flower. Tell them that here is the expression of God's
love to you, that this is the voice of God speaking to you
that He loves you.

Christian Education
PG 79

But the heart that is surrendered to God, loves
the truth of God's word; for through the truth the
soul is regenerated. The carnal mind finds no pleasure
in contemplating the word of God, but he who is
renewed in the spirit of his mind, sees new charms
in the living oracles; for divine beauty and celestial
light seem to shine in every passage. That which
was to the carnal mind a desolate wilderness, to the
spiritual mind becomes a land of living streams.
That which to the unrenewed heart appeared a barren
waste, to the converted soul becomes the garden
of God, covered with fragrant buds and blooming

Testimonies for the Church Volume One
My Conversion
PG 19

My mother was a lover of flowers and took much pleasure
in cultivating them and thus making her home attractive
and pleasant for her children. But our garden had never
before looked so lovely to me as upon the day of our return.
I recognized an expression of the love of Jesus in every shrub,
bud, and flower. These things of beauty seemed to speak
in mute language of the love of God.

Testimonies for the Church Volume One
PG 19

"Ah," thought I, "if He so loves and cares for the flowers
that He has decked with beauty, how much more tenderly
will He guard the children who are formed in His image."
I repeated softly to myself: "I am a child of God, His loving
care is around me. I will be obedient and in no way displease
Him, but will praise His dear name and love Him always."

S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 5
PG 1087

Christ sought to draw the attention of His disciples away from the
artificial to the natural: "If God so clothe the grass of the field, which
to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more
clothe you, O ye of little faith?" Why did not our heavenly Father carpet
the earth with brown or gray? He chose the color that was most restful, the
most acceptable to the senses. How it cheers the heart and refreshes the
weary spirit to look upon the earth, clad in its garments of living green!
Without this covering the air would be filled with dust, and the earth would
appear like a desert. Every spire of grass, every opening bud and blooming
flower is a token of God's love, and should teach us a lesson of faith and
trust in Him. Christ calls our attention to their natural loveliness, and
assures us that the most gorgeous array of the greatest king that ever
wielded an earthly scepter was not equal to that worn by the humblest
flower. You who are sighing for the artificial splendor which wealth alone
can purchase, for costly paintings, furniture, and dress, listen to the
voice of the divine Teacher. He points you to the flower of the field, the
simple design of which cannot be equaled by human skill (RH Oct. 27, 1885

Testimonies for the Church Volume One
Vision of the New Earth
PG 68

And I saw another field full of all kinds of flowers, and as
I plucked them, I cried out: "They will never fade." Next I
saw a field of tall grass, most glorious to behold; it was living
green, and had a reflection of silver and gold, as it waved
proudly to the glory of King Jesus. Then we entered a field
full of all kinds of beasts--the lion, the lamb, the leopard,
and the wolf, all together in perfect union. We passed
through the midst of them, and they followed on peaceably
after. Then we entered a wood, not like the dark woods we
have here; no, no; but light, and all over glorious; the
branches of the trees waved to and fro, and we all cried out:
"We will dwell safely in the wilderness and sleep in the
woods." We passed through the woods, for we were on our
way to Mount Zion.

Testimonies for the Church Volume One
PG 562

I saw the beneficial influence of outdoor labor upon those of
feeble vitality and depressed circulation, especially upon
women who have induced these conditions by too much confinement
indoors. Their blood has become impure for want
of fresh air and exercise. Instead of amusements to keep these
persons indoors, care should be taken to provide outdoor
attractions. I saw there should be connected with the Institute
ample grounds, beautified with flowers and planted with
vegetables and fruits. Here the feeble could find work, appropriate
to their sex and condition, at suitable hours. These grounds
should be under the care of an experienced gardener to direct
all in a tasteful, orderly manner.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Two
PG 258

Many of our people have become narrowed in their views.
Order, neatness, taste, and convenience are termed pride and
love of the world. A mistake is made here. Vain pride, which
is exhibited in gaudy trappings and needless ornaments, is not
pleasing to God. But He who created for man a beautiful
world, and planted a lovely garden in Eden with every variety
of trees for fruit and beauty, and who decorated the earth with
most lovely flowers of every description and hue, has given
tangible proofs that He is pleased with the beautiful. Yet He
will accept the most humble offering from the poorest,
weakest child, if he has no better to present. It is the
sincerity of the soul that the Lord accepts. The man who has God
enshrined in his heart, exalted above all, will be led to a
thorough submission of his will to God, and will make an entire
surrender of himself to His rule and reign.

Testimonies 2 P 286

He exerts his power with terrible effect. He does
not wait for his prey to come to him. He hunts for it. He
goes to and fro in the earth like a roaring lion, seeking whom
he may devour. He does not always wear the ferocious look
of the lion, but when he can work to better effect he transforms
himself into an angel of light. He can readily exchange the
roar of the lion for the most persuasive arguments or for the
softest whisper. He has legions of angels to aid him in his
work. He often conceals his snares, and allures by pleasing
deception. He charms and deludes many by flattering their
vanity. Through his agents he presents the pleasures of the
world in an attractive light, and strews the path to hell with
tempting flowers, and thus souls are charmed and ruined.
After every advance step in the downward road, Satan has
some special temptation to lead them still further on the
wrong track.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Two
How Shall We keep the Sabbath
PG 583

During a portion of the day, all should have an opportunity
to be out of doors. How can children receive a more correct
knowledge of God, and their minds be better impressed, than
in spending a portion of their time out of doors, not in play,
but in company with their parents? Let
their young minds be
associated with God in the beautiful scenery of nature, let
their attention be called to the tokens of His love to man in
His created works, and they will be attracted and interested.
They will not be in danger of associating the character of God
with everything that is stern and severe; but as they view the
beautiful things which He has created for the happiness of
man, they will be led to regard Him as a tender, loving Father.
They will see that His prohibitions and injunctions are not
made merely to show His power and authority, but that He
has the happiness of His children in view. As the character
of God puts on the aspect of love, benevolence, beauty, and
attraction, they are drawn to love Him. You can direct their
minds to the lovely birds making the air musical with their
happy songs, to the spires of grass, and the gloriously tinted
flowers in their perfection perfuming the air. All these
proclaim the love and skill of the heavenly Artist, and show forth
the glory of God.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Three
PG 153

God prepared for Adam and Eve a beautiful garden. He
provided for them everything that their wants required. He
planted for them fruit-bearing trees of every variety. With
a liberal hand He surrounded them with His bounties. The
trees for usefulness and beauty, and the lovely flowers which
sprang up spontaneously and flourished in rich profusion
around them, were to know nothing of decay. Adam and Eve
were rich indeed. They possessed Eden. Adam was lord in
his beautiful domain. None can question the fact that he was
rich. But God knew that Adam could not be happy unless
he had employment. Therefore He gave him something to
do; he was to dress the garden.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Three
PG 333

The beauties of nature have a tongue that speaks to our
senses without ceasing. The open heart can be impressed with
the love and glory of God as seen in the works of His hand.
The listening ear can hear and understand the communications
of God through the works of nature. There is a lesson
in the sunbeam and in the various objects in nature that God
has presented to our view. The green fields, the lofty trees,
the buds and flowers, the passing cloud, the falling rain, the
babbling brook, the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens, all
invite our attention and meditation, and bid us become
acquainted with God, who made them all. The lessons to be
learned from the various objects of the natural world are
these: They are obedient to the will of their Creator; they
never deny God, never refuse obedience to any intimation of
His will. Fallen beings alone refuse to yield full obedience to
their Maker. Their words and works are at variance with God
and opposed to the principles of His government.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Three
PG 334

Those professed Christians who are constantly whining
and complaining, and who seem to think happiness and a
cheerful countenance a sin, have not the genuine article of
religion. Those who look upon nature's beautiful scenery as
they would upon a dead picture, who choose to look upon
dead leaves rather than to gather the beautiful living flowers,
who take a mournful pleasure in all that is melancholy in the
language spoken to them by the natural world, who see no
beauty in valleys clothed with living green and grand mountain
heights clothed with verdure, who close their senses to
the joyful voice which speaks to them in nature and which
is sweet and musical to the listening ear--these are not in
Christ. They are not walking in the light, but are gathering
to themselves darkness and gloom, when they could just as
well have brightness and the blessing of the Sun of Righteousness
arising in their hearts with healing in His beams.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Four
PG 136

To live in the country would be very beneficial to them;
an active, out-of-door life would develop health of both mind
and body. They should have a garden to cultivate, where they
might find both amusement and useful employment. The
training of plants and flowers tends to the improvement of
taste and judgment, while an acquaintance with God's useful
and beautiful creations has a refining and ennobling influence
upon the mind, referring it to the Maker and Master of all.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Four
PG 202

Children who are allowed to have their own way are not
happy. The unsubdued heart has not within itself the
elements of rest and contentment. The mind and heart must
be disciplined and brought under proper restraint in order
for the character to harmonize with the wise laws that govern
our being. Restlessness and discontent are the fruits of
indulgence and selfishness. The soil of the heart, like that
of a garden, will produce weeds and brambles unless the seeds
of precious flowers are planted there and receive care and
cultivation. As in visible nature, so is it with the human soul.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Four
PG 579

The burden of sin, with its unrest and unsatisfied desires,
lies at the very foundation of a large share of the maladies
the sinner suffers. Christ is the mighty healer of the sin-sick
soul. These poor afflicted ones need to have a clearer knowledge
of Him whom to know aright is life eternal. They need
to be patiently and kindly yet earnestly taught how to throw
open the windows of the soul and let the sunlight of God's
love come in to illuminate the darkened chambers of the
mind. The most exalted spiritual truths may be brought
home to the heart by the things of nature. The birds of the
air, the flowers of the field in their glowing beauty, the springing
grain, the fruitful branches of the vine, the trees putting
forth their tender buds, the glorious sunset, the crimson clouds
predicting a fair morrow, the recurring seasons--all these
may teach us precious lessons of trust and faith. The imagination
has here a fruitful field in which to range. The
intelligent mind may contemplate with the greatest satisfaction
those lessons of divine truth which the world's Redeemer has
associated with the things of nature.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Four
PG 581

The glory of God is displayed in His handiwork. Here
are mysteries that the mind will become strong in searching
out. Minds that have been amused and abused by reading
fiction may in nature have an open book, and read truth in
the works of God around them. All may find themes for
study in the simple leaf of the forest tree, the spires of grass
covering the earth with their green velvet carpet, the plants
and flowers, the stately trees of the forest, the lofty mountains,
the granite rocks, the restless ocean, the precious gems of light
studding the heavens to make the night beautiful, the exhaustless
riches of the sunlight, the solemn glories of the moon,
the winter's cold, the summer's heat, the changing, recurring
seasons, in perfect order and harmony, controlled by infinite
power; here are subjects which call for deep thought, for the
stretch of the imagination.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Five
PG 75
The spirit of Christ should so control our character and
conduct that our influence may ever bless, encourage, and
edify. Our thoughts, our words, our acts, should testify that
we are born of God and that the peace of Christ rules in our
hearts. In this way we throw around us the gracious radiance
of which the Saviour speaks when He enjoins upon us to let
our light shine forth to men. Thus we are leaving a bright
track heaven ward. In this way all who are connected with
Christ may become more effectual preachers of righteousness
than by the most able pulpit effort without this heavenly
unction. Those light bearers shed forth the purest radiance that
are the least conscious of their own brightness, as those flowers
diffuse the sweetest fragrance that make the least display.


Testimonies for the Church Volume Six
PG 176

Because difficulties arise, we are not to drop the
industries that have been taken hold of as branches of
education. While attending school the youth should have
an opportunity for learning the use of tools. Under the
guidance of experienced workmen, carpenters who are
apt to teach, patient, and kind, the students themselves
should erect buildings on the school grounds and make
needed improvements, thus by practical lessons learning
how to build economically. The students should also be
trained to manage all the different kinds of work
connected with printing, such as typesetting, presswork, and
book binding, together with tentmaking and other useful
lines of work. Small fruits should be planted, and
vegetables and flowers cultivated, and this work the lady
students may be called out of doors to do. Thus, while
exercising brain, bone, and muscle, they will also be gaining
a knowledge of practical life.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Six
PG 204

Parents and teachers should seek most earnestly for
that wisdom which Jesus is ever ready to give; for they
are dealing with human minds at the most interesting
and impressible period of their development. They
should aim so to cultivate the tendencies of the youth
that at each stage of their life they may represent the
natural beauty appropriate to that period, unfolding
gradually, as do the plants and
flowers in the garden.

Christian Education
Home Education
PG 170

Do not send your little ones away to school too
early. The mother should be careful how she trusts
the moulding of the infant mind to other hands.
Parents ought to be the best teachers of their
children until they have reached eight or ten
years of age. Their schoolroom should be the
open air, amid the
flowers and birds, and their text-book the treasure
of nature. As fast as their minds can comprehend it,
the parents should open before them God's great
book of nature. These lessons, given amid such
surroundings, will not soon be forgotten. Great
pains should be taken to prepare the souls of the
heart for the Sower to scatter the good seed. If
half the time and labor that is now worse than wasted
in following the fashions of the world, were devoted
to the cultivation of the minds of the children, to
the formation of correct habits, a marked change
would be apparent in families.

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