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We are a Christian Family who loves the Lord Jesus
and want others to know how wonderful, kind, loving,
and of tender mercy He is to all His children.  He died
for all the people of this world, eveyone, whether they
believe in Him or not, are His children.  We want to
rejoice with those that rejoice and weep with those that
weep.  This site exists to encourage the faithful and
to exhort the unbelieving to accept Jesus Christ as their
only  Saviour.   We believe that The Second Coming
of Jesus is very near and warn everyone everywhere
that the day of salvation will soon close forever,
the next moment will be to late for thousands
who are perishing every moment without warning
as terrible storms, floods, earthquakes and
accidents sweep millions into eternity
lost forever !  May you find  Jesus
here and give Him your heart
in love & service for others !
A brother & Sister,
Rich & Joyce Weber
Boston Bar, B.C. Canada
Phone: 1 604 867 9543

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