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 Food for the soul !

Audio-Video CD 
 We are a family who love
to sing songs of praise
and experience in the
valley and on the
mountains of our
earthly journey !
 Special offer- only
$5.00 each US or


 Illustrated Bible studies
on CD
We are nearing the close of history for planet earth.  The iniquity of the nations have reached their limit, mega storms, tidal waves, crime and lust are sanctioned by the leaders of the nations and who are themselves in the pit of sin headed for perdition
with lightning speed as the Devil laughs with glee at their blindness and rejection of Christ !  It is closing
time Friend, are you ready. Come, while you still can, the next moment could be your last !  What then ?
Jesus loves You with a love we can not begin to describe, you need to know what is going to happen next.
You need Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour if you want to survive the cataclismic events now taking place as this planet breaths its last breath !

Have a question you would
like a Bible answer for ?
e mail us your question
and we will send a Bible
answer, illustrated on
an audio-video CD. If
you can send a donation
to help with shipping,
but if you can not, we will
still send the CD to
answer your question.
Be sure and include your
postal address !


From the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD
to the Second Coming of Christ ! 
 The Jesuits have tried
their best to rewrite history,
 but The Word of The Living
 God is too powerful for that
old Serpent and his agents.
Learn the facts from the
Scripture and this amazing
 explantion of the events
of history in the light of
the great prophecies of
Daniel and Revelation !
This incredible book can be yours
for a donation to help with the
shipping cost. Send request
to our email box along with
your postal address and
when your book arrives
send your donation
via bank or postal
money order !
You will be
amazed !


This man left the glories
of heaven to live among
the poorest of earth to bring
to them a knowledge of the
mercy and tender love of
Then in AD 31 He suffered
 the most cruel death for the
very creatures that His own
hands had formed from the dust.,
O' what love, The King of kings,
giving His very own blood, for
mere specks of filthy clay,
I can not explain it, but
I accept the "unspeakable gift"
of salvation offered to all by
this incredible condecension of
Christ for me. Have you
accepted Jesus friend ?


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