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A life of usefulness is the best life to live. Instead of wasting precious moments playing foolish sports and games, we have always enjoyed doing something useful and using what we have to make our daily tasks easier and to accomplish
more in less time by using inovations and not  rushing around like a tornado !

Inventions and Ideas


After 50 years of
spiltting wood with
maul and wedge,
we finally collected
the material we needed
to build a hydraulic
splitter at minimal cost.
A good commercial
splitter will cost
nearly $3,000.00; we
built this one for
$1000.00 and are very
pleased with the results. 
 We burn wood six months
of the year, and since our
old 100 year old house
has no insullation it takes
 about 12 cords per winter. 
If you would like the
detailed plans of how
we made it just send a
money order for $10 US
or Cdn. and your postal
 address or e-mail for
the instructions.

We enjoy our little and big bird friends that come to our feeder and we usually have some come to the feeder every time we  sit down to eat.  Mostly the Steller Jays come but we also have juncos, sparrows, humming birds, chic a dees, toehees,warblers, and from time to time there are some wonderful surprises.  Once in awhile the flicker joins the party. We also have a hawk that really tries to get the jays !




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