Beside Still Waters
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Rejoice Ever More For This Is The Will of God !

O' What a day that will be when we can join the Heavenly Choir and sing with Christ and the angels !  Only a little while now and we shall see Jesus coming in the clouds of Heaven with Power & Great Glory !
How gracious of Our Heavenly Father to give us the ability to compose and sing the songs of Praise to HIm and the Songs of Experience, the songs that tell of our journey through this darkened sinful world as we climb every mountain on the Heavenly trail, and through the valleys of sorrow and perplexity under the curse of sin !  Keep a song in your heart for it will cheer you along the way and encourage your fellow pilgrims !
 We are a family who likes to sing !
We have written several songs and
have now placed these on CD along with many others that are "old time" favorites , to share with friends and family. For a quick sample of these songs with just the "audio" portion, email us @

Yes, send me a sample by e-mail !

These songs are illustrated with
beautiful pictures and video clips
which give an added
measure of enjoyment
to the hearing
of the words !

These songs are produced on the
Windows Movie editor, and play best
on Windows media players 9 0r 10.
to down load windows media player 9
which we like because of its format,
click on the link below; it is FREE !

Windows Media Player 9

Blessings to all !